A story of travel destinations and trends as a PTD (post-travel depression) treatment

A story of travel destinations and trends as a PTD (post-travel depression) treatment

Post-vacation blues or less commonly, post-travel depression (PTD) is a type of mood that persons returning home from a long trip may experience. Post vacation blues may result in tiredness, loss of appetite, strong feelings of nostalgia, and in some cases, depression.

One well known method of curing post vacation blues is to plan or book the next vacation, this offers a distraction and also provides the person something to look forward to.

Do you have doubts about the next perfect destination? Can not think of any other place that could possibly stand up the awesomeness standards of your last holiday? Here are two tips:

1. Let your musical profile decide your next adventure*

December 2017 saw Emirates partner with Spotify to launch a website helping customers choose a travel destination. The True North campaign uses customers’ Spotify listening history to match them with destinations on Emirates’ global route network. Matches are determined by analyzing the music genres popular in each region with that of the person’s Spotify profile. Once identified, customers receive a curated playlist from the region and an insider guide, which includes music tips from locals. Those without Spotify can still use the site by answering questions about their musical preferences.  

2. Use facial recognition to reveal a traveler’s favourite destinations*

January 2018 saw the launch of a travel site promising to discover the destinations which are most likely to stimulate travelers’ senses. The SenseSational tool explores seven elements of the holiday experience (including mode of travel, relaxation, food and beverages), using real-time facial recognition to track users’ choices as they opt between four image and sound combinations for each. The site, which is free to use, was created by Expedia-owned global travel comparison site ebookers.com.

Now that you have a destination, what about the accomodation? 

Are you a classical or a millenial?:)

If you are a classy Marriott guest, I have good news for you:

3a. In November 2017 Marriott Hotels offered guests shower doors which allowed their drawings on the glass surface to be emailed to them*

(check the video here: https://youtu.be/MLz_B0MkAy4)

Touch-sensitive technology built into the shower door captured guests’ drawings, doodles or ideas traced in the steam. The experience was available for two months at Marriott Hotels Irvine, California, and was launched after brand research revealed that 51% of business travelers feel that their best ideas come while showering.

Oops, we are in mid January, innovation was over (experience was available for two months), but once an idea is positively feedbacked, it will return:)

What if you are a millenial peering with confusion and opting for Airbnb rather than booking hotels? I have good news for you too:

3b. Airbnb everything

It has already proved that it can disrupt the hotel booking space, so Airbnb has now bigger plans. In 2016, the company launched Airbnb Trips, a platform than enables hosts to offer local experiences. Airbnb Trips include curated experiences and local guides, with future sections planned for flights and services. In September 2017, Airbnb partnered with booking app Resy to offer in-app restaurant reservations and reviews. 

“The ability to book reservations at a curated selection of restaurants is part of our ongoing commitment to focus on the entire trip, not just homes, and follows the launch of Experiences last year” - Airbnb.

In October 2017, news broke that Airbnb was planning to launch its own branded apartments, so be ready to welcome a major player in the travel industry, not just an accomodation provider.

4. How about the means of transport?

Have you thought of organic treats on board, in-flight streaming and half the airline costs? Joon is the Air France subsidiary launched in the fall of 2017, a new model of airline, between the a traditional and a low-cost airline, a new travel experience for all customers, as stated by Air France CEO. 

Flights from Paris to Lisbon, Porto, Berlin and Barcelona began in December 2017 and new routes are due to the summer of 2018: Fortaleza in Brazil and Mahe in the Seychelles. Prices start at euro 249. 

It is not only Air France that is adapting to budget wanderlust lovers, but other airline companies like Norwegian Airlines who launched the “the world’s longest low-cost route” with one-way flights from London to Singapore for £149.90. 

If, by any chance you might wonder who is the most handsome crew, here they are: TAP Portugal. In their Travel Top 50 2017/2018 section, Monocle editors team award TAP Portugal crew with the “most handsome crew” title. Friendly, welcoming, multilingual (they must speak Portuguese, English and a third language) and also handsome:)

5. Azerai, Laos - if you are into brand & marketing

Also part of Monocle’s Travel Top 50, Azerai comes as the most promising new brand. Adrian Zecha, the founder of Aman Resorts made a recent return to the hotel world with Azerai brand’s 53-room French colonial estate opened in pretty Luang Prabang, Laos and followed by Vietnam’s Can Tho in December 2017. Check the place here -  https://www.azerai.com

You have the next destination, means of transport, accomodation, experiences and even some handsomeness. According to my post vacation blues treatment methods, that should be fine. Most probably you are drooling now, but do not blame it on me, blame it on the


We can not escape it, it it following us, whether we are millenials, xenials, Xers. It looks like there is no longer a divide line between work and travel. Digital nomads are a new type of global citizen, with a hunger for community that demands new experiences from all brands, but especially the travel brands. 

“My generation aspires to have a life that is very free,” says Angelina Aucello, a smart-luxury traveler who writes under the banner Angelina Travels. 

Who doesn’t?


* Source: Trendwatching Inspiration dashboard, Innovation of the Month (January 2018). To have access to the free TrendWatching Quarterly, be one of the 260,000 subscribers in 180 countries. To get the Premium Service - all the content, tools & expert support you need to succeed at every stage of your innovation journey, please contact Paul Backman at [email protected]

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