Playing the role of a business consultant for MURMUR Clothing

Playing the role of a business consultant for MURMUR Clothing

In this very moment, when you decide to read my MURMUR story, turn on the sound and listen to Beach House’s Space Song and imagine yourself immersed in a place of sensuality and mistery. This is how I first interfered with the MURMUR showroom and because this song was in a loop for a while, I have it imprinted in my visual and olfactive memory of my first real MURMUR encouter. Top it with coffee served in a Rosenthal porcelain coffee set placed on a vintage silver tray…don’t you wanna start immediately any co…operation?

My first MURMUR touch was 5 years ago, when a stylist brought me a dark navy, laser cut, see-through skirt to be matched with a men shirt for a CSR conference. The conference topic was mainly about launching a social campaign to end up domestic violence. It was an unusual mix and match and I loved it.

One year after, at the recommendation of the PR and media agencies that I was working with in my role of Marketing Director for Avon, MURMUR popped up again. The brand was on a rise and it was suggested on a Romanian designers’ short list to create a tailored-made breast cancer awareness t-shirt. It was the second time that MURMUR was in my life and I had not met Andreea Bădală, the Creative Designer, Founder and Owner. 

“I started MURMUR questioning the atitude and the position of a woman towards herself, towards men and most importantly towards sensuality and femininity”

I have started working with MURMUR as an Independent Business Consultant this year. It was a magical encounter, just like a unicorn’s. In fact, it was the power of networking. While our common professional history can be tracked as far as 5 years ago, there were just few face-to-face ocassions and only hand shakes and small talk before this year meeting. 

Andreea might call it a fate, cause she is the artist with a business mind, I call it magic, cause I run a pragmatic unicorn branded business consultancy. We match professionally and personally and this is so very much needed for a partnership to work.
We share values and working principles and ideas, this is why things are going on smoothly and are easily accepted between both sides.

The MURMUR team is dedicated to turn feminism into femininity and to spread a universal message of self trust. It is not yet a big team, but it is a complex one, including an international department, VIP placement agencies, own production site, etc.

The MURMUR brand was launched in 2011 as a unique retro-influenced prêt-à-porter concept that integrates surprising lingerie elements, adapted into innovative and feminine fashion pieces for day and night. From the very beginning, the brand has enjoyed the attention of the international press, MURMUR items appearing in publications such as Vogue UK, Spain, India, Russia or Elle UK. Celebrities like Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, Kristin Stewart, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner or Miley Cyrus chose to wear MURMUR outfits either for their special projects or public apperances. 

MURMUR has three sub-brands/lines: 

  • the seasonal (spring-summer, autumn-winter)
  • the Signature
  • the Roleplay

For the Maid and Prisoner outfits from Roleplay I am definitely envied by all men consultants. And men in general.

What are my business consultancy lines for MURMUR?

  1. the seasonal, summer-autumn collection was about an overall organizational and business assessment - people, roles and responsibilities, process flows, reporting, etc
  2. the signature line is about building a compelling strategy of growth on all distribution channels with a high focus on digital
  3. the roleplay is about identifyting and stockfilling gap roles within the organization with a strong hold on key critical areas: financial planning, ecommerce and international business development

While I am generally acknowledged for creativity, my business consultancy at MURMUR has the least to do with creativity, cause my structured corporate-built mind is more needed than my creativiyt. I was asked if I had anything to do with the exquisite Hotel Murmur event last week. Yes, I was in charge with the financial planning:)

I feel inspired by the brand and its designer. I feel seduced by the infinite possibilities of growth that MURMUR has upfront, not only in terms of sales, but of a real social movement. Because…“A MURMUR dress is a piece that helps you perform a ritual, and a ritual is nothing but an atitudine brought into reality”.

P.S. Photo taken by Anca Milushev at the Murmur showroom, styling by Claudiu Stefan, wearing a MURMUR Retro Bra Top.

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