Conceal your embarassing social media with a guyliner. 5 latest innovations in beauty*

Conceal your embarassing social media with a guyliner. 5 latest innovations in beauty*

Well, wellthy (or “beauty from inside out”) is the new trend when it comes to the beauty and personal care industry. Consumers seek to boost their physical and mental health, therefore the products, services, and experiences that combine wellbeing with a status hit will delight health-conscious consumers around the world. 

Moreover, the brands can not hide thelmselves anymore, cause they are in full-frontal with their customers, sort of glass box brands. In an age of radical transparency, a brand’s internal culture is the brand itself. 

If a brand is now an open source, what about us? Is our social media track history a kind of a nightmare? Were we too enthusiastic about posting not-so-flattering statuses about ourselves? Does this now clash with our inner search of wellbeing?

Come on, you can not preach me mindfulness like a guru as long as I can easily bump into some of your recent history “party like no other” posts. Or maybe you can, if there is a magic concealer who can cover all life imperfections. This is the beauty of the beauty industry:)

Here they are, 5 latest innovations in beauty wellthy and transparency:

1. A promotion by Benefit Cosmetics in July 2017 included a microsite allowing people to remove embarrassing social posts for free. Conceal My Secret lets people scan their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts using a list of key words; bringing up a series of posts which could then be deleted if desired. The site launched the revamp of the company’s Bo-ing range of concealers

2. Guyliner? Manscara?  ASOS began stocking cosmetics for men, from UK luxury beauty and grooming brand MMUK Men, in July 2017. MMUK sells products including concealer, ‘manscara’, ‘guyliner’, and beard filler that are all formulated specifically for men. Still surprised? Manny Gutierrez is the first male face of make-up brand Maybelline, who starred in an advert for a mascara in early 2017.

3. Blend It Yourself or skip intermediary costing. In June 2017, US-based subscription service Juice Generation partnered with actress Salma Hayek on Blend It Yourself.
The service delivers pre-portioned cups filled with frozen organic ingredients ready to be blended. Twelve smoothies are available, including three acai bowls and three ‘Beauty Blends’ which can be used as face masks. Following similar DIY trends, a Kickstarter campaign for Public Goods: a company selling natural household goods and toiletries at their production cost, exceeded its fundraising goal in August 2017. The items – which include lip balm, toothpaste and toilet paper – are sold directly to customers instead of through middlemen, and (according to the campaign) are typically less expensive than comparable merchandise available via retail. Public Goods does not earn a profit on goods sold and only charges monthly or yearly memberships of its site. All of the US-based company’s products are cruelty-free, produced without toxic chemicals, and presented in eco-friendly packaging. 

4. Forget about Axe’s simplistic “sexy beast” communication, the brand is into more grownup messaging about attraction. In August 2017, AXE announced a program for young men dedicated to self-expression and inclusivity. Taking place at the Centennial High School in Columbus, Ohio, the Senior Orientation program was developed with musician John Legend and poet Carlos Andrés Gómez. Designed to show young men that there’s no one way to 'be a man', the personal care brand’s program sees Gómez and Legend mentoring students using a custom curriculum, culminating in a series of performances. 

5. Arianna Huffington and Hilton are thriving. July 2017 saw the launch of [email protected]: a program designed to help the hospitality group’s staff members thrive. The program aims to ensure that staff feel focused, resilient and optimistic about their work, with time for employees to recharge during their day, plus sabbaticals and tools for increasing recognition. Hilton’s initiative was developed in partnership with Arianna Huffington-owned Thrive Global. 


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