Welcome to my international friends!

Welcome to my international friends!

Welcome to my international friends!

Back in 2015 when I launched my first book “6 out of 49 chances in love” - and hopefully not the last;) - my international colleagues and friends questioned on its English version. When are you going to publish it in English - that was one of the familiar “hellos” that I was getting for the following months, be it live or online. I haven’t translated it yet, bear with me!

However I am having my own website now and this time I took you properly into account as my dear niche customer target. You see, I am speaking the marketers language, so follow me ;)

When structuring my website, I planned a separate English section for you. This is not freely distributed, but with your consent that you will all support my second biggest childhood dream: to win a Nobel prize in literature;) First was to publish a book ant it did happen:)

Seriously now, what is this website about? It is a signature one, mixing my different but inter-related aspects of my professional and personal life, from brand consultancy to training and coaching, from storytelling to volunteering. It is my virtual home that will reflect my tangled personality, so do not be suprised if you notice blue feather pens, bullshit alarm buttons, naked people cover agendas, colourful messages, straight to the point opinions, unsual business outfits, weird creative ideas and many more.

This is going to be my playground where my self expression will be very much guided by Elizabeth Gilbert’s quote: I enjoy my creativity. (from her latest book Big Magic)

What can you find here?

  • Marketing and brand related stories, examples, case studies and inspiration ideas reflecting my long run service in marketing - around eighteen years, ten as a marketing director and one as a fresh freelancing consultant.

  • Tips, tricks and learnings from the Harvard Manage Mentor workshop sessions & coaching that I am conducting via one of the top training and development companies.

  • Stories about people, places, books, movies, parties - oh, many parties, cause I do love parties and life is a perpetual party - continuing my seven year tradition as an editor contributor to a local women magazine

  • Community stories, meant to inspire helping people in need, as well as supporting non-profit organizations based on the idea that we all owe a helpful hand to the community.


Welcome, happy to meet you (again) ❤

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